Established in 2017, HANA TEI Restaurant is known for its authentic Japanese cuisines, both affordable and extravagant dishes.


Our artistic Chef Azahar who has vast experience under wellknown Japanese chefs and his team of friendly service staff are ready to serve you a wide varieties of freshly prepared delicious Japanese cuisines.


The team of chefs continously strive for innovation, injecting modern recipe elements and food styling to traditional Japanese cuisines.

With a modern contemporary ambiance and private rooms, we are ready to serve you for lunch and dinner, perfect choice for your social activities and family gatherings.


“My passions about Japanese cuisine and my 30 years of experience started from Chikuya Tei Japanese Restaurant. Thereafter, to City Bayview Hotel, Penang and Bukit Tinggi Resort and Sochhiku Tei Japanese Restaurant in Kajang.

With all the red hot passions boiling, it is the right time for me to introduce you my latest venture:


where you’ll get it experience of dining Japanese cuisine in a warmth and cozy ambience with wide range of Otsunami (Appetizer), Yakimono (Grilled Dish), A La Carte, Sashimi (Slice Raw Fish), Sushi Makimono (Sushi Roll), Temaki (Hand Roll), Nabemono (Hot Pot), Shojuki (Rice & Noodles) and Gozen (Set Meal).

Me and my dedicated team is ready to serve your and strive to make you be one of our happy customers.”

Chef Azhar
Director of HANA TEI Restaurant Sdn Bhd

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