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Tataki & Carpaccio
Lightly Roaster & Thinly Slice 轻烤 & 薄切生肉
D1 Gyu Tataki.jpg
Gyu Tataki

轻烤牛肉 Sliced Seared Premium Australia Striploin served with Homemade Citrus Sauce RM38.00

D2 Maguro Tataki.jpg
Hon Maguro Tataki

轻烤本鲔 Sliced Seared Hon Maguro with Homemade Citrus Sauce RM58.00

D5 Salmon Carpaccio.jpg
Salmon Carpaccio

薄片轻烤鲑鱼 Sliced Fresh Salmon served with Homemade Citrus Sauce RM32.00

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Prices are subject to 5% service charge (Dine In only) & 6 & SST.

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