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Air-Flown freshness from Japan all the way to Hana Tei every Tuesday and Friday to Sunday. Savour a variety of succulent sashimi from fat, juicy and omega rich fish belly to flavourful chunks of fresh air flown fish! *The selection of fish is dependent on market availability as we only bring in the freshest from that day. ​每周二、周五至周日可品尝各种多汁的刺身,肥美多汁、富含欧米茄的鱼肚到美味的新鲜特产海鲜... 从日本空运直送至Hana Tei,再搭配各种烹煮绝对能够满足你对日本料理的欲望! *海鲜会随着季节更换而变化

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All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. All stocks are subject to each branch. 图片仅供参考之用,货量一切以各分店为准。

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