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Alcohol is an indispensable necessities in the Japanese food life, and when it comes to the most representative alcohol in Japan, it is the long-established Japanese sake. After more than 1,000 years of development, Japanese sake has developed many types and brands, with different aromas and tastes, suitable for a variety of dishes, and derived from different wine tasting methods. 在日本人的飲食生活中,酒類是不可或缺的必需品,而說到日本最具有代表性的酒類,當屬歷史悠久的日本酒。經過1000多年的發展,日本酒發展出許多種類和品牌,香氣、味道也有所不同,適合各式各樣的料理,並且衍生出不同的品酒方式。

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All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. All stocks are subject to each branch. 图片仅供参考之用,货量一切以各分店为准。

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